How My Life Came to Suck (Part 1) |Terrible 20’s

Red weaveThis is a post that I’ve been wanting to do lately to update everyone on what’s been going on with my life. I’m starting a new series called Terrible 20’s to kind of cope with and poke fun at my miserable existence.

So here’s How My Life Came to Suck:

Today, Nov 1st / 2nd (It’s technically the 2nd since it’s 2am) 2015, I am completely and utterly tired of my life. Maybe I shouldn’t say tired, I think a better word may be “dissatisfied.” But dissatisfied to the 8th power.

My current situation:

No car, No job, no social life, and living with my mother. Not to mention living in the worst “city” in the whole world. It’s more like an over-sized town than a city, with pretty much nothing to do. So basically…. I AINT HAPPY! So let me tell you how my life became this way.

Once upon a time, I lived in a magical and beautiful land called Florida. I lived in Winter Park right outside of Orlando. I moved there in 2010 to pursue my Master’s Degree. I had my own apartment, my own ride, a big fine sexy boyfriend, and most importantly dreams and goals and all kinds of wonderful things to look forward to and work towards. But, unfortunately that didn’t last long :-(

So I want to say that my life truly began to suck in mid-2012, which kinda sucks because it seems so long ago. However, that may not be completely true since it didn’t suck consistently the whole time. So keep reading, you’ll see what I mean. In mid-2012, I was going through a terrible, miserable break-up. When I say the break up was bad, it was BAD. I’m talking about breaking windows and burning pictures bad. On top of that, I was in a really tough place financially. So during this time, around September 2012, I had just started my Doctoral Program at GCU. This helped out a little bit financially because I started getting financial aid. It wasn’t enough to pay all of my bills, but it definitely helped. So I was making it… barely.

So 2013 rolls around and me and my said other are back together. This really wasn’t what I wanted at the time, but I was in such a vulnerable place of loneliness and frustration I decided to get back with him. So I have to say that the first few months of 2013 I really hated him and we weren’t getting along, but then, somehow, things steadily improved between us. However, my financial situation was not getting much better. I was no longer working at ESPN so I had to find a new source of income. Somehow I thought that Ali Rey the Boss could run a start-up business and get a Doctorate at the same time. I was sadly mistaken. I started doing my video production business, which I had actually been working on since 2011. I got a few clients and made some money, but nothing that could really sustain me. When I tell y’all the struggle was real, believe me, the struggle was REAL. I soon realized that I couldn’t truly run a business until I finished my current degree.

So skipping forward to fall of 2013, I started substitute teaching for more stable income, I lost a lot of the weight I had gained, my boyfriend and I were in a pretty good place again, I was still doing my doctorate, and still BROKE. To make matters worse, my boyfriend’s financial situation was also deteriorating at a rapid rate. He had just finished up his Masters Degree, wrote a book, and could not find a job to save his life. So two broke people happily in love tryna make it. Bonnie and Clyde singing Trey Songz in this jank. He finally found a job at a night club (to my dismay) and I was still subbing. So this was pretty much my situation for the Fall/Winter of 2013 until January 2014.

So January 2014 comes around and my boyfriend’s night club job is not paying him enough to live. So guess what? Yep. He moves in with me. This was never meant to be a permanent thing, it was supposed to be for a couple of weeks but ended up lasting about 2 months. I have to say that even though we were broke, my car was falling apart on the highway, and I had a job better suited for people who actually like kids, those were 2 of the happiest months of my life. I really enjoyed having him there. But of course, my family was opposed to us “shacking up” so it couldn’t last. He ended up moving back to his homeland of the big-ol cornfed boys, AKA Virginia. So I was in Florida, by myself, subbing, working on my doctorate, and very very broke. Okay now stay with me people, this was end of Feb/early March 2014.

So as I was moving into Spring that year things began to decline so quickly!! You’d think it was bad enough right? Firstly, the relationship began to decline rapidly, again! Long distance can be a female dog if you don’t know how to handle it. Secondly, my workload for school wasn’t getting any lighter. Thirdly, I was still so BROKE! So I got an extra job working overnight at Walgreens. This was good for me because it was 30 hours a week, and the 10 hours overnight on the weekend didn’t interfere with me subbing. So at this point, I was all by myself and I had 2 jobs while still in school. There were days when I would sub on a Friday then get off and go back to work at Walgreens overnight for 10 hours. Or vise versa, I would get off from Walgreens early in the morning and go drive straight to a school to sub after just working 10 hours. Not to mention all the homework in between. (Keep in mind that I was still barely scraping by, and if any of you have ever been in a financial bind you know the mental and emotional toll it can on you to have bills that you can’t afford!)

To cut to the chase, I just reached a breaking point. I was at work (Walgreens) and I just broke down crying in the bathroom. I had to ask the supervisor for a 10 minute break so I could calm down. When I got back to my apartment that morning I said out loud to myself, “I’m going home.” So I quit my job the next day and about 5 days later I was back home in “The Doke” living with my mom.

To be continued….. Click Here For Part 2

This one was getting kind of long so I’ll be back with part two ASAP!

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16 thoughts on “How My Life Came to Suck (Part 1) |Terrible 20’s

  1. Ali when you’re making all of that tv money it will be one heck of a story to tell. Make sure they interview me though because I basically stay camera ready or whatever. I love you my friend.

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  3. Ali rey your story is real it is called growing pains, with your story you will help out many of the young ladies that want to quit but your bad times will make your good times so great. someday you will laugh so hard but you’re strength come from cleaning your glass handful. You are Bless with the light of the truth. If you was my daughter I would be very proud.

  4. Ali rey your story is real it is called growing pains, with your story you will help out many of the young ladies that want to quit but your bad times will make your good times so great. Someday you will laugh so hard but you’re strength come from seeing your glass handful. You are Bless with the light of the truth. If you was my daughter I would be very proud.

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