The REAL reason Meek took the L

Wassup everyone!? I felt COMPELLED to make this video after really getting into the beef with Drake and Meek Mill. In my personal opinion it’s not cool to have a ghost writer. But what’s even less cool, is TELLING on someone you are supposedly cool with for no reason. Meek Mill’s reasoning for doing this was because Drake didn’t tweet his album. But is that a good enough reason to start some ‘low quality’ rap beef? You decide. Let me know what you think.


I know some Drake fans will probably want to hang me for calling him a ‘mimic’ and saying that he is not original. But take it from me, I used to be an AVID Lil Wayne fan, and to hear Drake come out and sound just like him, made lose respect for the whole Cash Money/Young Money clan. I am no longer a fan of Wayne, and have never liked Drake because of it.


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