Happy New Year 2015!!! (2014 Recap w/ photos)


It’s a new year! I’m believing that 2015 is going to be my best year yet. I’d like to take a moment to share my New Year’s Resolution with you all: Embracing Peace, Patience, and Positivity. The reason I chose this resolution is because difficulties from the year drove me into a negative state of mind. I want to reverse that, and instead of thinking and feeling negative because of challenges, I want to think positive thoughts and speak positive words. 2014’s challenges were mainly moving back home due to financial difficulties, and feeling like a failure because of it. Luckily I was able to overcome the embarrassment of having to move back home and the shame of feeling like a failure, and just accept that we all need help and a break at some point during our lives. The negative things are now in the past, and it’s a new year with a new start!  As I shift my mind to focus on the positive I remember that as a result of what was seemingly negative, my relationships improved, I was able to travel quite a bit, I didn’t have to work two jobs while getting my doctorate, I am close to my family again, and I am getting good Word of God from my church. I am grateful to God and my family and I know that I have so much help and support during difficult times. So this was just my little reflection of 2014. I am feeling great and thankful to move into a new year with a positive attitude and outlook!

My 2014 Travels! ~

Orlando FL,


IMG_0567 IMG_0349     IMG_0532 IMG_0540

New Orleans LA,

IMG_0024   IMG_0031IMG_0197IMG_0200  IMG_0048IMG_0051 IMG_0164     IMG_0186 IMG_0185

Tulsa OK,

IMG_0571 IMG_0579 IMG_0588

IMG_0701  IMG_0738_2 IMG_0748_2

Chicago IL,

IMG_0962 IMG_1148_2IMG_0966_2 IMG_0807_2 IMG_0860_2 IMG_0927 IMG_1024_2 IMG_1127 IMG_1094_2

Phoenix AZ, IMG_1435 IMG_1474 IMG_1596  IMG_1395_2  IMG_1413IMG_1410

and Richmond VA IMG_0450 IMG_0440 IMG_0461  IMG_1988_2


Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 5.50.24 PMIMG_0512IMG_2030_2

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