Encouraging Quotes

I’ve been discouraged recently, due to some failures and just not living up to my own expectations. I saved these quotes to look at whenever those thoughts of discouragement come back to haunt me. I figured they could help others as well. The words below the quote images are my personal insight.


Life isn’t perfect, and our plans don’t always workout. If it’s good, then good. If it’s bad, then teach someone else.


Mistakes are a part of learning. I’ve made some recently, but now I know what to do differently when it’s time for me to

go through the same process again. Overcoming disappointment builds character. Keep trying until you get it right.


Although it may be hard to believe, in a sense, your future is a better indication of who you are than your past or present.

Something my favorite author and poet Ajay Wright once said:

“Success is just a reflection of our better selves. It was already in you from the beginning.”


This is a point that I emphasized in my previous post. There are millions of excuses, but sometimes you have to just go for it.

If you have some encouraging words or need some encouragement then feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

#peace #and<3


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