Be Yourself…. Be Shameless

If you follow me regularly you can see that I haven’t posted anything in a loooooooong time. Besides being busy with school and what not, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to have my blog posts be “perfect.” Or I would try to come up with something that would get me a lot of views. But from now on I’ve decided that I will blog about what’s important to me and what I think will help black women and women in general. My issue as a perfectionist is what sometimes holds me back.  So let me tell you how I’ve reached this epiphany….

I was watching a vlogger on YouTube, her name is Shameless Mya. I was actually looking at videos about natural hair styles and getting curls to define etc… And then I saw this video on the side, “Why I’m Shaving All My Hair Off!” was the title. Of course I was thinking to myself ‘she crazy.’ She had really pretty, long, thick hair fyi. So anyway I watched the video of her shaving her head and started looking at other videos discussing  her effort to be “shameless.” She explained that she was going on a “shameless journey.” She discussed some of her insecurities and how they were holding her back from promoting herself. Well, to make a long story short, she decided to go for it. To promote herself despite her inhibitions or insecurities about herself and her content. And it really inspired me.

I feel like I’ve dealt with the same issues. Often thinking to myself that I need to “find” things to blog about, or try to think of things people are interested in. I wonder if I’m corny and if I can come up with catchy titles like a lot of people, just excuse after excuse, most of which spawned from the root of me just feeling “not good enough,” or something like that. I’ve said before that the devil will attack a person in the area they are called and I believe deep down that I am called to inspire and help women, especially black women simply because that’s who I relate to. So I’ve had a test of my own confidence lately and through a lot prayer I feel like I am overcoming some of my own issues :-). And as I also mentioned, seeing someone else who is going through the same type of thing and watching them overcome it is also very inspiring. So, thanks for reading stay tuned for more! I will try to post at least 1 to 2 times a week from now on. That’s right, REALLY steppin’ it up. People just want what’s real anyway, and thats something I can deliver. Much <3 every1

~Ali Rey (is BOSS)

Here’s a video of Shameless Mya, the last 1 I watched, her 50 random facts! She’s so funny and cool guys check her out!


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