Miss Zee

Ali Rey is Boss supports Miss Zee! *”The Miss Zee project started out as a coloring book created to uplift the underrepresented image of little girls of color by providing them with images that resembled [themselves], but it grew into something that became so much more.”

Ali Rey is Boss supports Miss Zee because we are on the same mission: to improve and sustain the self-image of young black children, little girls in this case. I admire the ambition and initiative of Gloria Smith, creator of Miss Zee, and the movement she has started with this character. How often do we see a children’s character that is centered around the representation of black children? Not often.

I believe that a figure such as Miss Zee has the potential to have a positive influence on the self-esteem and self-image of many little girls. It’s important for black girls to have someone to admire that looks like them! I believe that with positive figures such as Miss Zee we can continue to empower and uplift our children. Today’s 1st Question: “How important is it to have a figure that black children can relate to?” 

Here are some of the products that Miss Zee offers:

Miss Zee Coloring Book:

Miss Zee Backpack: 

Miss Zee Canvas:

You can purchase these items and more here

Check out the gallery below for happy Miss Zee customers and more products from Miss Zee!

Click to enlarge photos

Support the Campaign! 

If you would like to be apart of this mission to popularize this character, there is a way you can help. Miss Zee is currently campaigning to raise $20,000! *”This [campaign] will help continue to bring ideas for new Miss Zee products to life, along with helping produce more of the pre-existing products.” To make a contribute click here. All contributions come with redeemable perks as a token of appreciation. Let’s put Miss Zee on Everything!

Today’s Question: “What kind of items would you like to see Miss Zee on?” I would definitely rock a Miss Zee hair bow in my afro, no lie!

Much love <3

*[All direct quotes taken from http://www.indiegogo.com/misszee] 


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