Kids and Babies With Natural Hair

 Natural kids, without perms.

It’s imperative that we help our children realize that they are BEAUTIFUL. We have to accept ourselves as a beautifully unique race. Beauty is based on perception, and because of the media our perception has been largely altered to favor european qualities (strait hair, light eyes, etc), while rejecting black or african qualities. Looking at these beautiful children should show whoever views this post BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, from our skin tone, whether it’s as dark as night or as light as day, to our hair, from the loosest curls to the thickest locks, we have to ACCEPT and LOVE who we are!

It’s important for us to teach this to our CHILDREN as well so their self-esteem and self-image will have a foundation of cultural pride, not a warped perception of self-hatred.



8 thoughts on “Kids and Babies With Natural Hair

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