Please FORGIVE me :-(UPDATE)-:

I want to use this time to APOLOGIZE for not posting ANYTHING for 2 months! I know you saw my recent posts regarding the presidency, but before that I hadn’t posted anything for quite a while.

So here’s what’s been going on with me… I recently started my Doctoral Progam to earn my DBA: Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management. My first course was 8 weeks long, and I started it about 8 weeks ago! That’s right, I’ve completed my first course yesterday, Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship, with a grade of  99! So during those 8 weeks I was really focused on just getting through my first class successfully, which caused me to completely neglect my blog life. So I offer you my sincerest apologies.

But now I’m back!!!! I know you guys look forward to the Natural Woman of the Month Photos, so I am going to combine August and September into one post, and post it very soon! Is it “ratchet” to post for months that are already over?

[Side Note]

Ratchet, that’s my new word. It’s not a new word, but it’s my new word because I’ve recently embraced it to describe several things that do not comply with my standards. I have been made aware of the times I’ve used it incorrectly. Including this time….

Here’s an example of ratchet:

Example of Ratchet

So as I was saying, I will combine the Natural Women from August and September to do a super duper awesome posting! :-) And then I will have November actually posted this month! Whoop Whoop!

Today’s Question: “What kind of topics would you guys like for me to discuss?”

Some of my topics are: Self Esteem, Natural Hair, Media’s effect on Society, B-word, N-word, Black History, Skin tone, Interracial Issues, Racism, etc… 

Check out the video Ratchet Girl Anthem:


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