It’s another bright day in our nation’s history! Barack Obama has been RE-ELECTED to another 4 year term! Congratulations Mr. President! And kudos to everyone who got out there and voted! It’s the citizens’ duty to select the president, and the people have spoken! Obama will serve this amazing country once again, with promises of moving us Forward into a brighter tomorrow!

Here is the most *current map of electoral votes for the final election results provided by Huffington Post:  

Today’s Question: “Does it surprise anyone else that Obama won by nearly 100 electoral votes!?” I actually thought it would be a much closer race!

Here’s the *Popular Vote via Huffington Post:

Congratulations once again to Barack & Michelle Obama, and of course our VP Joe Biden! We know you wont let us down, let’s move this country…

Check Obama’s Presidential Victory Speech:

*[All stats are as of 6:00am EST time zone Nov 7, 2012]


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