Natural Babies!!! Kids With Natural Hair

 These kids made me smile! :)


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Also, more kids here!

Today’s Question: “What age is absolutely too young for a kid to have a perm?” I don’t like to see kids that are 3 and 4 years old with a relaxer!

Watch this video for some tips on taking care of your toddler’s hair:


17 thoughts on “Natural Babies!!! Kids With Natural Hair

  1. I put a “texture softener” in my daughters hair to loosen her curly hair and it made her hair bone straight! I have kept it straight for the past 2 years and about 2 months ago my baby said, “mommy can I have my hair back curly and pretty?” this made me think. I thought by putting the softener in her hair it would make doing her hair much more easier for her but I realize I actually took away something that she loved! Her hair grows very quickly, so now she has half natural and half relaxed….couple more months she should be fully natural!

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