Is Dark Skin Beautiful?

The answer:


Look at these beautiful dark skinned women:

It saddens me to know that so many people view dark skin as less attractive, less beautiful, and less desirable. We must KILL this mindset!!! It stems from ignorance and self-hatred. We can be so hurtful to each other at times. And the thing that we don’t realize is that the name calling and belittling of darker women doesn’t just hurt them, it hurts all of us. It hurts us all because it divides us as a race. It hurts us all because we have taken the place of the white people back in the day who tried to hold us down and keep us in “our place,” because now we do it to each other through insults, and adopting a mindset that causes a group of people to feel inferior. It hurts us all because if we hate dark skin then we hate our blackness in general. And if you think that these women would be MORE attractive if they were lighter, then you need to examine yourself and make some serious changes in your thinking. Because skin tone shouldn’t, and DOESN’T define beauty.

Society purposely leaves some people out as they define the standard of beauty. I’ve touched on this before in my earlier posts, but I will continue to talk about it because it’s so true and it damages the self-esteem of so many women. They take lighter skin, straighter hair, smaller frames, and they dress it up and present it with lights, and music, and make-up, CONDITIONING us to believe that is what’s most beautiful. Think about it, if you take anything or anyone and for years and years, and present it with all the glory that the media has to offer, people will start to adore it.

I love my beautiful dark-skinned sisters.  I want any one who may be struggling with self-esteem issues because of their skin tone to know this: You are beautiful the way God made you!!! Don’t let the ignorance of others destroy the way you see yourself. Everybody has the right to look in the mirror and feel confident, but we take that away from each other by embracing this ‘lighter = better’ mindset. And we rob each other of that by defining the standard of beauty based on something that slave owners used to separate us. And black people, we have to realize that the only reason that so many of us are lighter is because white men RAPED our ancestors. We would all be dark-skinned for the most part!!! So let’s stop this madness, share this post with someone if you agree with me, or share it with someone who may be having trouble with self-esteem because of this craziness that we’ve allowed to go on for FAR TOO LONG. much love guys <3 :-D

Watch this short documentary called dark girls, and see the affect this mindset has had on our people:


24 thoughts on “Is Dark Skin Beautiful?

  1. I love this post; as mentioned in the article, it’s important that we don’t let the ignorance of others influence the way we judge ourselves.

  2. Not everybody that is light had ancestors that was raped. My mothers family wasn’t even here during slavery. But I agree Ali. Nowadays though, we all have something bad to say about each others skin. I find it odd that a person can make a blog about how dark is beautiful, but if a person was to make a blog about how light is beautiful, it would be characterized as hateful, mentally abusive, and colorist. How is it that someone can say its alright Jasmine, you knw you are an honorary dark skin sister?If I were to say the opposite, I would be called all kind of things. Is it okay for darkr people to make comments to or about lighter people without consequences when if it were the reverse situation, it would start a war.Why? Can’t all black people agree that if you were born albino or dark that all of us are beautiful? Why should omeone try to shame me into thinking my skin is the result of evil things like rape. Should I think any less of myself? What that is doing is trying to solve a problem by demonizing the other victims. All black people in America are oppressed. The oppresors in this country could care less what shade of black we are. We are the same in their eyes. I just think that all of this talk about darkand light lead people to believe that those who are light are somehow less oppressed. We need to stop worrying about the color that we are and wonder why noone is doing anything about the white supremist system that we all have had to live in since before the founding of this country that is supposed to support all of its people. I mean I agree with you ali, those women are gorge but how does distinguishing one black from another bring us any closer together.

    • This post is mostly about black people demeaning other black people because they are darker. I understand where u are coming from and we should be able to celebrate our lightness, darkness and in-betweenness. The black race is uniquely beautiful for being so many different shades. But the truth and the fact of the matter is that darker people ARE treated differently. It’s a fact. So this post was just to encourage people who have had those painful moments of being called all those mean names that they call dark skin women. Even in so many rap songs you hear, ‘I want a red bone’, even lil wayne sayin’ something as horrible as ‘i bet that bi*** look better red’ !!! I mean it’s just a fact Jasmine that people (black people for the most part) treat darker skinned women as if they are less attractive than lighter women. I’ve been called red, light skinned, or caramel and stuff like that but I’ve NEVER been made fun of for it, or been made to feel bad about it like some of my dark skinned friends were made to feel bad. And you are completely correct in saying that light skin should be able to be celebrated without anyone demonizing it or making it seem like your a horrible person because you are happy with who you are as a light skinned woman. That’s not what this post is about. The only reason that I said that white men raped our ancestors is because when the slave owners had a baby by a black woman, that child was allowed to be a house slave instead of working in the field. But you are right about that too, not ALL of light skinned people’s ancestors were raped, but a significant percentage of us come from those house slaves who were lighter. So my point for saying that really was that if they wouldn’t have been sleeping with their slaves a lot more of us would be darker. So I apologize if what I said about the raping was insensitive, my intentions are only to uplift a group of ppl who I believe DO get put down more than other groups.

      • Oh ali you could never possibly offend me…i just hate that after all these years and all black people have been through that this is still relevant….but people have said some messed up stuff to me about my color…like some real harsh sick stuff…i understand how those women feel…i always wondered why this topic mainly affects fact from what i hear women say, we love some chocolate men. So why is there a double standard that darker women are not sought after like a darker man? I look at my mate and he is darker than me. Why is it that i am with a darker man and he with a lighter woman? I’m just saying when is the last time a woman said oh yeah i only date red dudes. Is it fair that we can appreciate a man in all of his darkness but that same dark man will only date redbones? What in a man makes him look in the mirror and say how i am is not good enough i need someone lighter to make me better. It sounds to me that the ones with the real insecurities are these men. Not all men, just the stupid ones that make women feel like they are not good enough.

  3. You are right. So many African Americans have taken the place of slave owners. African Americans have separated themselves from each others as well as our culture (demographics). Black is beautiful not only is it beautiful but it’s style (clothing), it’s swag (people imitate us), and power. I love my black skin people and all the shades of my African American people.

      • Do you know when this film comes out? I would love to see it. I think the beauty of dark skinned women gets down played in a system dominated by white people. We need to embrace the entire color spectrum of beauty. All our sistas need to feel appreciated in our culture. Even though my girlfriend is not dark skinned(avatar pic) I’ve dated more dark skinned women in my life. We shouldn’t let a white majority tell us what’s beautiful about ourselves. I also think we as black men have to speak up and let it be known that we don’t accept a standard that dismises our dark skinned sistas. We have to let our voices be heard.

      • We can expect other races to be racist towards us, whether it is whites or asians or anything, but I really find it appalling that black people are doing such a good job of being prejudice towards each other that we can’t FULLY blame it on white people per se. I believe that much of the media teaches us that we should favor european qualities, but why do we embrace this? It bothers me a lot that darker women are looked at as less attractive, simply because they are dark. And I also agree with what you said about black men who don’t agree with this ignorant view stepping up. All the rap songs talk about is “yellow bone” this and “red bone” that. It’s up to us not to support these artists who are contributing to the degradation of the image of black women, or at the very least not let it influence what we believe about ourselves.

      • I agree. I don’t support rappers and actors like Lil Wayne,Rick Ross,DL Hughley or anyone else that degrades or insults black women. We shouldn’t buy their music or support their films. We have to speak with our wallets. After 400 years plus of slavery and degradation by whites—it’s not very easy to love yourself. We have internalized self hatred from the oppression we were and still are subjected to. We should love and embrace our hair,facial features and complexion. But it’s difficult to do when you’ve been taught to hate yourself. We need to change our mindset first and foremost. Once we do that we will be on the path to true freedom and liberation.

      • I think it’s interesting that you mention D L Hughley. My bf likes stand up comedy a lot, and I really think black comedians sell us out for the sake of a laugh.

      • They do way too often. Remember when radio host Don Imus called that basketball team “nappy-headed hoes”? Well DL said on the Tonight Show that they were not hoes but were ugly and nappy-headed! He co-signed with a racist redneck! I lost all respect for DL after that. Just a spineless coward in my opinion! Black men can NOT co sign with people that disrespect our women.

      • So many comedians sell us out for laughs… But what’s NOT funny is the impact that it actually has on the way black women perceive themselves. Same goes for the rappers, who I actually have the most ‘beef’ with. lol

      • Yeah I hear you. These rappers will do just about anything for a buck. It’s sad to see them degrade sistas in this manor. We should be uplifting our sistas in times like this. If not us–then who?? We got to do better.

  4. oh i just saw the picture of a popular Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji the girl with the red rose flower on her hair…but i guess the difference is there’s nothing like that in Africa you dare not say you or someone is more beautiful or more attractive ‘cos they re light skinned….someone is just gonna hit you in the head… LOL, but i guess the problem is living in other ppls continent African Americans come home …enough of the media decieving you, Africa is not as bad as it is being depicted, it’s a big continent(the 2nd largest) nd not a country we still av good beautiful places and bad places of course just like everywhere in the world…..i’m sorry but you’d never be totally accepted in another mans land, it’s just natural

  5. There is a beautiful book called Sex out of Wedlock written by Alice Faye Andrews that depicts the plight of one poor dark skinned brotha and the pain that is inflicted apon him that leads him to his ultimate destruction and causes him to lose the only woman he ever loved. I believe Authorhouse is the publisher and you can get it on their website.

  6. Je n’ai pas encore écouté votre documentaire… La Femme est, partout, sur tous les continents habités, ce qu’il y a de plus beau au monde. Les portraits présentés ici sont ceux de jeunes filles ou jeunes femmes tout particulièrement belles. Très bonne continuation.

  7. Thanks for liking my post! Beautiful pics! Despite one wanting to believe there’s no reason to promote the love for dark skin, there has been a long standing unfair favoritism game going strong in regards to skin tone. That’s just the truth and it will probably never change. I personally was never that dark chick who wanted the light-skin guy, never cared much about skin tone really.

    However over the last few years, my studies on melanin have caused me to deeply cherish dark skin on a MOLECULAR LEVEL not on an “anti-white” or “stuck-in-the-past” level as some lighter individuals might assume.

    Appearance wise, the “best” skin really is just one without blemishes, scars and bumps.


    The Unbiased Highly Melanated Woman

    Peace & Love.

    • Thanks for sharing Felicia! It’s nice when people can appreciate what I’m trying to do because I really want black women to love who they are, dark or light, straight or curly. I believe there is a bias for one skin color over the other and I think that’s really appalling that we do that to each other. Dark is beautiful Light is beautiful and every color in between. We must learn to cherish and value our culture, our unique and lovely appearance included.
      I will be doing another dark skin appreciation post this month.

  8. I have a question. I recently saw a new ad campaign (here in Germany) from Apple + at first I was exited, because it looked like they were using a dark-skinned model. However, when I looked at it closer, it looked more like they had just used a light-skinned model + darkened the photo. Here’s an example: My reasoning for thinking it is just a darkened photo is that, in my (allbeit somewhat limited) experience, people with darker skin usually still have lighter skin on their palms + the pads of their fingers + the fingernails are often lighter, both of which are not the case here.

    I thought that was frustrating — there are many dark-skinned models; why not use one of them? The contrast of dark vs. the whiteness of the earbuds would still be achieved. As it was, it felt like even more of a slap in the face. Or am I overreacting?

    Admittedly I am caucasian + have light skin, but I still felt frustrated by the ad campaign. My husband pointed out that maybe I would just seem like I was throwing a hissy-fit on behalf of another group that isn’t even bothered by it. So, my question: does this bother you? If not, okay. My goal is *not* to go around looking for things to get annoyed at, but if it does seem racist, then I wanted to contact Apple + point that out.

    As I said, I was initially excited by what I thought was more diversity in their advertising, however then it seemed rather backhanded + even more insulting that they couldn’t be bothered to find an appropriate model.

    (Then again, maybe it’s my problem, because I didn’t recognize that that hand could actually belong to a dark-skinned person? And I just thought it belonged to a light-skinned one? I don’t want to sound ignorant, but I recognize that I am also not the most well-informed person on this subject.)

    What are your thoughts?

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