Black History Photos: Funnies and Fails

It’s common knowledge that black people love Aquafina

Well at least we know his undies are clean.

That’s hilarious haha. (IDK if it’s really black history tho LOL)

Important questions concerning our heritage shouldn’t be left unanswered ^


Cotton Pickin’ at Walgreens

February just got a little shorter

Black just got a little lighter

What do you think, are they saying all black people are underprivileged?

So some of these photos are funny, but don’t you think it’s kind of sad when you think about the things people are still using to identify our race? Celebrating Black History by saying we like fried chicken, rap artists, picking cotton and that we are underprivileged… What do you guys think? Do you find these things offensive or is there some truth to these stereotypes? 

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