Honoring Whitney Houston: Our Fallen Sister

Dear Family, Friends, and Fans of Whitney Houston,

I send my condolences to you all. As my mother says, “Angels visit, but ultimately they belong to God.” To Bobbi Kristina, her beautiful daughter, I pray that you find peace. And to the musical giants that raised her, thank you for inspiring the woman who inspires so many. To her mother gospel singer Cissy Houston, her cousin Dionne Warwick, and her god-mother legendary singer Aretha Franklin, I pray that you know that your work and love was not in vain. Whitney’s voice, her gift from God, touched, and is still touching millions.

On tonight’s Grammy Awards, LL Cool J lovingly and eloquently referred to her as our “fallen sister.” If we would let people know that they are loved before their passing, our lives and theirs would be so much more enriched. Despite any turbulence that she faced in her life, her love for life, confidence, and outgoing personality was evident throughout every stage of her life. Whitney was instrumental in changing the image of young black women in the late 80’s when she debuted her first album and her pristine “girl next door” image. There was no denying that she was beautiful. She graced the cover of magazines, even the coveted Teen Vogue.

Let’s remember Whitney for her gift. The Bible says that our gifts will make room for us and bring us before great men (Proverbs 18:16). Whitney will forever be in the rooms of our hearts and minds. : )

Heres the link to my personal favorite song that she sang: “When You Believe

Check out LL Cool J’s heart touching Grammy opening:

Question: What’s your favorite Whitney Houston song? 


11 thoughts on “Honoring Whitney Houston: Our Fallen Sister

  1. Amazing!! Whitney is an icon and she is truly our sister!! it saddens me that she was not privy to all the Love we had for her well she was here on Earth! Sometimes people focus to much on the negative and do not admire the good within!! I have sooo much love in my heart for this women and she will truly be missed!!

      • Whitney was an amazing talent. She had the voice of an angel. When I was a kid I had a huge crush on her.Without her there could be no Beyonce,Ciara,Britney Spears,Brandy,Christina Aguilera,Rihanna,Monica or even Mariah Carey. It’s so sad she didn’t get the props she so rightly deserved. She opened the door for so many aspiring female singers. Anyone that has heard her knows why she was called “the voice”. It’s a shame how she was disrespected by the media after her death. People calling her a has been and a drug addict. No respect at all! These people make me sick! What’s even worse is that most of her fans don’t know a lot of the things she had to deal with behind closed doors. Here’s a website by a brother named Princeray. His blog as some amazing insight. You wont believe the tings you’ll read. This post may help you understand a little bit more about how the music business operates. Everything that glitters is NOT gold.

      • She was amazing, and it’s very sad to think that even with all that talent and fame, still suffered so much, and that much of her suffering was due to the cruel world of media. And Thanks for the link! I can’t wait to check it out. Might even do a post based on what I find out.

      • I think you’ll find his blog very interesting.I hope some of it doesn’t scare you off.lol He touches on a lot of various topics regarding singers,actors and politicians. Sometimes it’s a lot to digest but it’s worth the read. The brother can get DEEP with the knowledge.

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