Your Hair Es Long….

So today I went to get my hair done at a Dominican beauty shop. When I saw that there were no black Dominican people working there, only hispanic, I was about to turn around and leave, assuming they wouldn’t be able to get my hair straight. I had just taken some braids out and even though I combed it out, I figured they wouldn’t be able to detangle afro. But I decided to give it a shot since I was already there. So one lady started washing my hair and combing it out and was like, “Es long! Es long!” talking about my hair. :-D So I was like, “thank you.” She didn’t speak much english, but I could tell she was showing the lady washing hair next to her how long my hair was because she kept using the comb kind of like a measurement down my back. And the lady next to her was also surprised. So after I had come from under the dryer and my hair was being flat ironed, a different lady was like, “Oh es long.” And even 2 more people commented (both had hair longer than mine btw). So I was like, “yeah… it is…” So you guys are probably thinking “Oh Ali is just conceited and wants everyone to know how AMAZING and LONG her hair is…” But no that’s not the point….. I was actually upset about the length of my hair and the split ends before I went today. (Kind of why I went…)  The reason I’m telling this story is because half of the girls in there getting their hair done had hair just as long or LONGER than MINE! But no one was making a big deal about anyone’s hair except for mine.  So I was thinking OOOHHHHHHH because I’m a BLACK girl, it’s a MIRACLE that my hair is long LOL! Everyone else in the shop was hispanic and many of them had long hair, even some who commented on my hair. So I just figured they didn’t expect to see a black girl with long hair. Anyway, my hair came out super straight. I was very pleased. I wasn’t offended at everyones’ reaction to my hair because I thought about the assumption I made when I went in there, that they wouldn’t do a good job on my hair. So the moral is, it’s best not to jump to conclusions. They can straighten afro, and afro es long. :-D

Todays Question: Would you guys have been offended, or taken the reaction as a compliment? 

6 thoughts on “Your Hair Es Long….

  1. I initially would have been thrown off by them making an uproar about my hair being long like their hair isn’t, but guys are a little when it comes to things like this. Granted, I’m only one dude, but I know that I’ve had people tell me how fast my hair grows back, but it doesn’t phase me that much. Anyways, that’s all just me being a weirdo lol.

  2. Mi mucho bueno that my Spanish Dominicans took good care of you! Excuse my ignorance but is a fro like a white persons curly hair? Idios Senorita!

    • No an afro on someone with my texture hair is much courser and has much tighter curls than a white persons curly hair. In fact, i can’t even comb my hair unless it is wet if it hasn’t been straightened! Gracias por leer! (i hope that’s right)

  3. They definitely stereotyped you but you shouldn’t be upset. As a black man I can tell you that most black women’s hair doesn’t grow as long, including my own mother so it’s no bias. And those women do hair all day so they would recognize that, almost like second nature. They were probably just impressed with your hair length as a black women. Or maybe if that was your first time there they just wanted you to feel comfortable…

    • See this is why I made this blog. I agree, black women often times have difficulty growing their hair past a certain length. But I believe that it’s the desire to have it straight ALL THE TIME that causes the damage. We as black women damage our hair so much with relaxer, flat iron and other straightening methods. Even myself. All during high school and the time I had a perm my hair would constantly break off. It wasn’t always as long as it es lol. That’s why I hope people find this blog and embrace the ‘natural beauty’ so they can have healthy hair! :-) thanks for reading and commenting by the way!

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