Evolution of Hip Hop :-)

I thought this was a cool photo. The thing that amazes me about Hip-Hop is how its trends become a lifestyle. Whether for the good or  the bad, this art form may be the most influential in the world.  I get on youtube sometimes and it amazes me how in so many different countries (Asia, Africa, even the Middle East), they mimic everything that Hip-Hop portrays. And of course, young African Americans identify with this the most. In my heart, I wish that we had more inspirational Hip-Hop artist with more positive messages.While it’s true that Hip-Hop is not the only genre of music  that generates a large amount of negative content, its such a HUGE part of black culture that it’s a concern to me for the sake of our race. Even with that being said, I can take pride in my culture as a young black woman and appreciate the creativity, boldness, and energy that is displayed in this music. And it’s fun to look at how the styles change!! So my question for you guys today is, “What was your favorite era in Hip-Hop?” (i like the early to mid 90s) :-) Much love u guys.

Check out this cool video showing different eras of Hip-Hop:


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