Good Hair Message

I thought this was a clever message ;-) especially for an earring. It’s funny how you always hear I got INDIAN in my family, or I got SPANISH in my family. Not too many people brag about how they have AFRICAN in their family. Black people, we have to stop treating black as if it was on the bottom of the totem pole! Yes, it’s true that we have a unique hair texture, but if we would stop shunning it and treating it like it’s a disease curable only by perm, then maybe we could see the beauty within ourselves.

It’s important to understand that whatever society determines is beautiful is what everybody is going to think is beautiful. So it’s hard to think of natural hair as beautiful if every time we turn on the television, we see all the beautiful black women with strait hair styles.We don’t realize that this is just a form of subconscious conditioning. For too long now, black women who are seen as desirable in the media have their hair permed and pressed. So whether we realize it or not, it is having an affect on how we define beauty, and how we view ourselves. I discussed self-esteem in the last post. I want to mention again that if we have trouble making ourselves look like what we see being glorified on TV, then it can affect our self-esteem. So is it the little girl’s fault if she  grows up being teased and called ‘nappy head?” NO IT’S NOT HER FAULT. It’s the fault everybody who participated in the movement to shun our ‘natural’ beauty, rather than embrace it. When we reject natural hair, we reject ourselves.

Most of the famous black females NEVER wear natural hair styles. Very few of them do when you think about the mainstream artists. Even though the vast majority of black women naturally grow kinky, curly hair, you HARDLY EVER see it in the media. I’m not talking about the one chick who decides to rock an afro during some award show, I’m talking about watching BET or anything with a lot of black women and ALL OF THEM have strait hair… You might not see this as a problem, but I do. It’s called self hatred, strait up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anything is wrong with straitening your hair every once in a while if that’s your preferred style. My problem comes from generations and generations of black women who have been conditioned to think that something is wrong with the natural state of our hair. Why does nappy have to be an insult? It takes so much effort and causes so much damage when we straiten our hair, why do we do it? If not self-hatred then what? So my question for you today is, “Why do you think that most black women wear their hair strait, especially in the media?” 

Check out this video! It’s called, Why do All Famous Black Women Have Strait Hair?” 


4 thoughts on “Good Hair Message

  1. Yes i started wearing my hair natural after my hair started to fall out after a pregnancy. As my hair got longer i was like wow this is really cute. People give me compliments all the time but i doubt that those same people would go natural themselves. At the same time i understand how people can truly believe that natural hair is bad. When you are mixed with something, the people in your family with the “good” hair tend to make comments or make you feel bad. Its just another way for some people to make themselves feel superior. And for others its just better to fit in and not make any waves. The more you look like everybody else the better. BUT ME,im not jealous of the girls with the long wavy hair, im jealous of the women in the 70’s that had those huge bushes

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