Natural Beauty? (Self-Esteem Issues)

Tyra Banks with and without makeup

Believe it or not, this post is NOT talking about how Tyra Banks or other celebs look sooooo ugly and chapped without makeup. (She doesn’t even look bad in that picture.) I actually want to discuss how the media affects the self-esteem of many black women.

Today black women face self-esteem challenges all the time. Apart from the pressure that we put on ourselves to be gorgeous, we have to deal with the hundreds of years of conditioning that has led to a modern day slave mentality, and also the pressure that we face by comparing ourselves to those in the media. We don’t always realize that they have on heavy makeup, body makeup, wigs and weave, fake eyelashes, push-up bras, implants (and not just breast implants anymore), and everything else that makes them look extraordinary. I bet if you had 500,000 dollars to invest into your appearance each year you would turn some heads too! (Not that you don’t already turn heads…) Anyway ladies, the question that I am asking you today is, “How far do you have to go in order to feel attractive?” 

Do you feel insecure when you look at Beyonce, or Alicia Keys? Do you want men to look at you the same way some might look at them? Even though both of these women are already beautiful, they have methods that make them look exceptional as compared to… the rest of us. Methods that consists of 1,000 dollar wigs, outfits that are barely there, body paint, digital correction and heavy makeup to hide acne, and the list goes on. Now, this post is not to talk about either one of these women in a negative way; they are both very pretty. But all I’m saying is sometimes it costs a pretty penny to feel like a dime.

Now with that being said, I think that if the media chilled out a little bit on all the makeup and all these ‘extras,’ then we wouldn’t have an unrealistic standard of what beautiful looks like.

So now, in an effort to match this standard of beauty constantly flashed in front of us, we pile on our cosmetics, get our Victoria’s Secret push ups, our color contacts, and our long weave down to our butt-cracks. And our teenage girls are walking around like they are on their way to a strip club to get some 1 dollar bills because all they do is watch music videos and they want guys to look at them the same way they look at all those nice hoochie chicks bent over and gyrating in front of the camera.

So do you have to wear less clothes and more ‘extra’ in order to feel pretty? Would you be comfortable going about your daily routine with minimum preparation…..(no makeup)? I’m not saying that we should all just walk out of the door exactly as we roll out of bed in the morning. : -0 I know I don’t do that! Not many of us are gonna look like divas without some Carmex for that morning chap, and running the comb or brush through our hair before we leave. But where do we draw the line? If we try so hard to look like these stars, because that’s what we have been trained to view as beautiful, then we might not see how beautiful we already are. And we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, because unless you have 5 hours of prep time, and 10 people dressing and blessing you with the extra, then you probably are not gonna look like Keri Hilson or somebody.  We can look at the media and sometimes feel bad about ourselves not realizing that we are comparing ourselves to THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of beautifying. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t put thousands of dollars into my daily routine.

I hope this post encourages someone that may be struggling with low self-esteem or dealing with insecurities because of the way they look. I believe we are all created in the image of God, so we are all beautiful. Appreciate yourself for what you are XOXOXO much love <3 : -)

Take a less than 2 minutes to watch this AWESOME Dove Evolution video if you haven’t already, to see how people become “beautiful.”

4 thoughts on “Natural Beauty? (Self-Esteem Issues)

  1. So true ali. And actually the average man likes a woman natural anyway. Especially with the make up and all. I used to wear makeup because i thought it made me prettier until my husband asked me why i wear it because im more beautiful without it. The media make us think that because the woman on tv are “desirable” that we have to do what they do but what about whats desirable to yourself.its crazy because when women have on all the makeup and stuff trying to look like beyonce, guys will think something is wrong with her face lol

  2. lol u r right about that. my bf says he doesn’t like the “cake face” girls, where it’s sooooo packed on. I’m trying to figure the make-up thing out. I need some1 to show me how to even apply make up. I only know how to do eyeliner and eyeshadow. (and carmex)

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