The Influence of Hip Hop (2 year old baby free-styling!)

Hip Hop music is one of the most influential movements to hit the Earth. It started out in New York in the 1970s, and has SPREAD throughout the world. Rap stars have so much influence, which is why it is sad when they choose to use their influence in a negative way. Even though it has an influence from Africa, to Asia, even to the Middle East, it most greatly affects the minds of young African Americans. Black people often times form their identity around Hip Hop and rap music. They replicate the images and sounds of the media in their everyday lives. This is why it can be so devastating to us as a people when the majority of the mainstream content is narrow minded and destructive. Even though there are a lot of negatives that come with Hip Hop, there are positive things about it as well.  Hip Hop is a method of venting, a release, an art, it’s poetic, it’s empowering, and it’s a part of our culture as black people that uniquely differentiates us from the masses. Check out this little boy from the UK, 2 years old, free-styling! Too cute! X-D

Much Love <3

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